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Typically, the Dog here usually thinks of Amazon as the place with all the items I could want on my Christmas wish list like the “Outward Hound Back Seat Pet Hammock” (I prefer mine in blue, thank you).  But thinking from the IT part of the IT Dog brain, there is a lot more going on at Amazon to talk about. Who Knew? I really enjoyed reading about how the biggest of the big dogs in the relational database world – the mighty Oracle, announced a few months ago they are entering into the not-so-relational space of NoSQL.  This surprise announcement comes not long after Oracle released a May 2011 white paper talking about the evils of NoSQL (which has since been taken down from their website and is only available in the Google search cache).  Oracle has even gone further into the NoSQL world when it recently announced that it’s Big Data Appliance... (more)

SSDs: The Beginning of the End for RAM Caching?

For years, the solution to IO bottlenecks has been pretty consistent: (1) add spindles to decrease seek time and increase throughput, and (2) add as much RAM as you can so your filesystems and applications can cache hot data and avoid disk access entirely.  These brute-force attempts to gain performance are inherently flawed and costly.  The price of increasing the number of disks in an array adds up quick, to say nothing of the investment in additional JBODs when you run out of slots in your array.  And although the cost of consumer-grade memory has fallen, relying upon RAM for... (more)

The Many Places You Can Go with SSD Caching Software

Disruptive technology is a term used to describe an idea or invention that typically disrupts an existing market, often completely displacing an earlier technology.  Sometimes disruptive is great (e.g. digital cameras and cell phones), and sometimes disruptive is not so great (e.g. laser video disks).  SSDs are a disruptive technology in that they are clearly changing the enterprise storage market.  The verdict is still out on just how disruptive SSDs will be; as is the case with many disruptive technologies, it is going to take some time to figure out exactly what to do with SSD... (more)

The Cool (Or Is It Hot?) New SATA Spec for SSD

The IT Dog is waggin’ his tail today with this one.  I love progress and the SSD revolution is certainly pushing the storage industry forward on many fronts.  New products with SSD in every segment of the IT data chain from the server side SSD to SSD raid storage.  SSD capabilities has so radically changed the performance parameters of data IO that long standing data interface standards need to be updated to take advantage of the true benefits SSDs offer.  Today’s standard for discussion is SATA. SATA Yesterday and Today Sounds like the name of great conference somewhere in the mi... (more)

4 Observations About the EMC VFCache Announcement and the Sandisk Acquisition of Flashsoft

The SSD caching market is on fire.  This week, EMC announced VFCache, IBM announced XIV Gen3 SSD Caching, Flashsoft was acquired by Sandisk, and many storage vendors acknowledged that flash features in their long-term roadmap.  Activity has certainly picked up. It is interesting to explore what is causing the rapid development of the SSD caching market. Here are my 4 key takeaways: 1. Flash has arrived Reliability: Flash technology (particularly in the SSD form factor) has matured enough to be used in the 24/7 enterprise environments. Through a combination of more reliable SSD an... (more)